This lesson will show you how to update your EDI Engine to the latest version (Build).

Backup the EDI Engine Directory

Before you begin the update, backup the EDI Engine directory (1). Contact your network administrator for assistance with backup procedures.
See, "How to Locate your EDI Engine Directory", for tips on finding your EDI Engine Directory file path.

Make sure all users are completely out of EDI Engine

Confirm that all known users (local and remote) have closed the EDI Engine program. If any user is still logged in the program will not update properly.

Download the EDI Engine updater program from the 123 EDI Download Site

Go to the 123 EDI Download website at and review the Installation Instructions.
1) Click on the link that reads, "Click here to download update" to download the EDI Engine Standard/Professional Edition updater program
2) Check out the Release Notes link for a list of many of the EDI Engine fixes and enhancements made in the last year.

Save the EDI Engine updater program

Click Save.

We recommend saving the EDI Engine updater file to your desktop - its an easy place to find it.
1) Select Desktop.
2) Click Save.

Open the EDI Engine updater program that was just download.

Double click on the EDI Engine updater program icon to run EDI Engine updater.

Review Installation Instructions

Review Installation Instructions and click OK.

Unzip the update to the EDI Engine Directory

1) Enter the EDI Engine Directory file path. See, "How to Locate your EDI Engine Directory", for tips on finding your EDI Engine directory file path.
2) Click Unzip.

Enter the EDI Engine Standard/Professional updater password

1) Enter the EDI Engine Corporate Edition updater password. If you do not know the password, contact your Project Manager, create a ticket on the Support Help Desk,or e-mail
2) Click OK.

Click OK.

EDI Engine License information

The EDI Engine license will open automatically. It can be reviewed and closed.

Open EDI Engine

You will be prompted to update the database. Click Yes.

Successful Update

1) Click OK to confirm successful update.
2) The Data Update report contains detailed information on fields updated. Unless instructed by a support agent you can close this file.

Verify the Version Build Date

Select Help > About EDI Engine...

1) This Build Date should match the Version Date listed on the 123 EDI Download Site,
2) Click Ok to close EDI Engine info box.

This Version Date should match the Build Date listed in the About EDI Engine... window of your EDI Engine program.