EDI Engine is equipped with three reports, the Transmission Summary Report, Reconciliation of Functional Acknowledgments, and Management Report, that ensure the precision of the day to day operations.

Transmission Summary Report

The Transmission Summary Report list all the transmission you have received from all your trading partners. 
From the menu bar open Reports > EDI > Transmission Summary.

Select Date Range

1) The report by default lists the transmissions of the last 30 days, though you can change the date range.
2) Click Process.

Transmission Summary Report View Options

You can view the result on the Screen in a notepad or in the formatted Print Preview or you can Print the report.

Print Preview of Transmission Summary Report

Any transmission received has an ISA Control number and a GS control number. The control numbers are usually in sequence. The sequence can be either by trading partner only or by Trading partner and document type.
1) You can print the report by clicking on this print icon.
2) To close the report, click on the X in the upper right corner.

Open Reconciliation of Functional Acknowledgments

The Reconciliation of Functional Acknowledgments report list all the unacknowledged transmission that were exported to EDI from EDI Engine. Each transmission sent from EDI should be acknowledged within 24 hours. If the reports shows any unacknowledged documents after 24 hours of their transmission, contact the trading partner immediately to ensure the receipt of the document.
1) From the menu bar choose Reports > EDI > Reconciliation of Functional Acknowledgments.

Process Reconciliation of Functional Acknowledgments

1) This report can be viewed by trading partner and by document type.
2) By default, the report lists the transmissions that were Accepted but with (E)rrors, (R)ejected, and (N)ot Acknowledged for all trading partners during the last week.
3) Click Process.

View Reconciliation of Functional Acknowledgments

Once processed you can either Print, see a formatted Print Preview (that can you also print from), save the report as an Excel File or view the report on Screen in the notepad.

Print Preview of Reconciliation of Functional Acknowledgments

The unacknowledged documents will have the Letter “N”, the Documents accepted with errors will have the letter “E”, and the rejected documents will have the letter “R”.
Each document has 2 statuses, the “Original Status” and the “Last Status”. If you send a document more than one time, the original status will show the first acknowledgment status while the last status will show the current status after the second transmission.

Management Reports

EDI Engine comes with several management reports for the Purchase OrdersInvoices and Advanced Ship Notices. These reports can be accessed from the menu bar by selecting Reports > Management Reports.