This lesson will introduce you to the various logs generated by EDI Engine and show you how to transmit important information to our technical support Help Desk.

Open the Log Report

Open Reports and select Processing Log.

Log Report Options

After every process in EDI Engine, the “Log Report” window appears.
1) The most recent process will be highlighted at the top of the list.
2) If you are sending a log to the Help Desk you will need to send the entire log. Do not check the Only Entries with Errors box.
3) Click Process to view highlighted log.

This processing log shows:
1) The Date and Time the Process was preformed
2) The Process
3) Any Errors in the process are indicated by "Yes"
4) Details of the document
5) Details of the process

The following are the most common processes:
COMM_RCVD: Communication Receive
COMM_SEND: Communication Send
EDI_IN: Importing EDI raw Data into EDI Engine
EDI_OUT: exporting documents to EDI

Sending a log to Technical Support

If a tech support agent has requested that you send a processing log you can either copy and paste the contents of the log in an e-mail or Help Desk ticket or save it to your desktop to attach to an e-mail or Help Desk ticket.
1) To Copy and Paste the log: press Ctrl + A to select all; press Ctrl + C to copy; then press Ctrl + V to paste the log text into an e-mail or Help Desk ticket.
2) To Save the log to your desktop: Open the File menu and select Save As...

Saving a log

1) Select Desktop.
2) Enter a file name.
3) Click Save.
Once you have saved a log to your desktop you can easily find it to attach it to an e-mail or Help Desk ticket.

Close Processing Log

Click the X in the upper right corner to close the processing log.