This lesson will introduce you to the Document Navigator and show you step by step how to view, print, process, archive, and unarchive documents in EDI Engine.

Open the Document Navigator

Click on the Document Navigator menu button.

Document Navigator explained

Documents can be viewed based on the criteria in the left section of the screen as follows:
1)    Direction (Inbound or Outbound)
2)    Document Type (Purchase Order, Invoice, ASN, etc…)
3)    Document Status (New, Processed, Ready, On Hold)
4)    Document Creation Date in EDI Engine
5)    Document Status (Accepted, Accepted With Errors, Rejected, Not Acknowledged)
6)    Trading Partner

To View a document . . .

In this example we are opening a Purchase Order that is both New and Ready.
1) Double click in any of the first five columns of the document to view it.

To Print a document . . .

1) To print a document or multiple documents, tag them individually OR (2) Click Tag All.
3) Click Print Document.

To Print a document - Number of Copies

1) Enter the Number of Copies.
2) Click Print.

To Print a document - Choose Printer

1) Select the printer you want to print to.
2) Click Ok.

To mark document Processed

1) Tag the document by clicking in the Tag column box.
2) Click -> Processed.

Confirm Mark as Processed

Click Yes.

To Archive Processed documents . . .

Document that are “Processed” and “Ready” can be archived
1) Click Processed and Ready.
2) Click Tag All.
3) Click Archive.

Confirm Archive

Click Yes.

To access Archived documents

1) Open File > Maintenance > Documents > Unarchive.

To Unarchive a document

1) Select the parameters for the document you want to unarchive (same as above with Document Navigator).
2) Tag the document.
2) Click Unarchive.

Click Yes.

Confirm Unarchive

Click OK.

Close Unarchive Manager

Click on the X to close.

Unarchived Document returns to previous status

After Unarchiving this order, it is returns to the (1) Processed and Ready status view where is was originally (2) Archived from.