This lesson will show you step by step how to update a filemap sent from 123 EDI.

Download the Updated Filemap sent from 123 EDI

1) Download the compressed folder containing the Updated Filemap (ex. in_text_delimited.FXP) that you received from 123 EDI.
This image shows the Compressed (zipped) Folder being downloaded from a hotmail account.

Save the Updated Filemap to the Desktop

1) Select Desktop.
2) Click Save.

Locate the Original Filemap to save a copy before updating

In your EDI Engine directory(1) there is a Filemaps directory(2) where all the Filemaps used by your company are stored. In this example the ediengine directory is on the Local Disk (C:). See "How to locate your EDI Engine directory" for tips on finding the filemaps directory.

1) Click on the ediengine directory to open.
2) Click on the filemaps subdirectory to open.
3) Select the Original Filemap (ex. in_text_delimited.FXP).

Backup the Original Filemap before updating

1) Right click on the Original Filemap (ex. in_text_delimited.FXP).
2) Select Copy.

Backup the Original Filemap before updating

1) Open the backup directory of your choice. Or, if you don't already have a backup directory create a new subdirectory for old filemaps in the filemaps directory. In this example I opened old filemaps, a subdirectory offilemaps that was created for filemap backups (C:\ediengine\filemaps\old filemaps).
2) Right click in the folder.
3) Select Paste to copy the Original Filemap (ex. in_text_delimited.FXP) to this directory.

Open the Compressed Folder containing the Updated Filemap

1) Click on filemaps to return to the filemaps directory.
2) Double click on the Updated Filemap Compressed Folder to open it.

Copy Updated Filemap to EDI Engine Filemaps Directory

1) Select the Updated Filemap (ex. in_text_delimited.FXP) from the compressed folder that was downloaded to the desktop.
2) Drag it to the EDI Engine filemaps directory (ex. C:\ediengine\filemaps).

Copy and Replace

Select Copy and Replace to replace the Original Filemap that was just backed up with the Updated Filemap you received from 123 EDI.

Filemap Updated

Your Filemap will be updated the next time you open EDI Engine.

Delete Compressed Folder

You can delete the Updated Filemap Compressed Folder.
1) Right click on the Compressed Folder
2) Select Delete