This lesson will show you step by step how to generate an Outbound Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855) from an Inbound Purchase Order (850) for Sysco.

Open the Document Navigator in EDI Engine

1) Select the Inbound document types
2) Select the 850 Purchase Order
3) Tag the specific Purchase Order you want to acknowledge by clicking on the Tag box
4) Click the PO Confirmation (Out 855) button

Enter details in PO Confirmation Data Request for Accepting Purchase Order

1) Always select Manual Turnaround Process. The Automatic Turnaround Process must be configured before this option becomes viable.
2) Select Line Item level. Sysco Purchase Orders must always be confirmed on the Line Item level.
3) Select Accepted if you want to accept any of the items in the Purchase OrderOr Select Rejected if you want to reject all items.
4) Enter the Shipping Date that the requested items in the Purchase Order will be shipped on.
5) Click Accept

Confirm Purchase Order Acknowledgment creation

Click OK.

Log Report

A Processing Log is generated with every new document creation. It is not necessary to view to the log, but if you want to or are instructed by a Support Agent, click Process.

This Processing Log confirms the creation of the OUT855 from the specific Purchase Order selected earlier. If there were any errors in the process they would be listed here.
Close the Processing Log window.

Close the Log Report Window.

Open the newly created 855 to edit before sending

1) Select Outbound document types.
2) Select 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment.
3) Double click on one of the first few cells in of the newly created 855 to open and edit the document.

Review/Change Acknowledgment Type

The Purchase Order tab is displayed by default.
Click on the ? button next to the Acknowledgment Type code to review and/or change the Acknowledgment Type code. 
AC is the default and most common code used for partial acceptance. 
Select AD for a full acceptance of purchase order.
Select RD for a full rejection of purchase order.
Close the Acknowledgment Type window if you're not changing the Acknowledgment Type code.

Edit individual items of Outbound 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgment

1) Select the Items tab
2) Select a line item
3) Edit the QTY: Accept / Backord. fields. As these fields are edited the Reject field will be automatically recalculated.
This example shows an Accepted Item; the QTY: Accept equals the Quantity ordered.
4) The Status shows IA, Item Accepted.


Reject an individual item

1) Select the Line Item.
2) Edit the QTY: Accept. You will see the Reject field calculated automatically.
3) Change the Status and Reject Reason (see below).

Rejecting an Item, changing the Status

1) Click on the ? button.
2) Select the appropriate Status code.
2) Click on the Select button.

Rejecting an Item, changing the Reject Reason

1) Click on the Reject Reason drop down menu button.
2) Choose the appropriate Reject Reason from the list.
Continue to edit the QTY: AcceptStatus and Reject Reason for the remaining Items.

Close the SYSCO 855 Outbound window

Save changes to SYSCO 855 Outbound

Click Yes.

Export the revised SYSCO 855 Outbound

1) Click in the Tag box of the recently revised SYSCO 855 Outbound.
2) Click on the Export Outbound to EDI button.

Click Yes.

Confirm export of Outbound 855 to EDI

Click OK.

Log Report

If you want to view the Processing Log (or are instructed by a Support Agent), click Process, otherwise click Cancel.