You will need to know the location of your EDI Engine directory in order to perform program and document updates.

Open the EDI Engine shortcut icon Properties

Right Click on the EDI Engine shortcut and select Properties.

1) The file path location of your EDI Engine Directory is displayed in the Start in: field. You can copy this text to use when prompted to unzip to the EDI Engine directory while running the updater program.
2) Windows 7 allows you to Open File Location directly from the Properties dialog box. You will have to follow the file path to open the EDI Engine directory in other operating systems.

There are several important sub directories (filemapslabels and maps) within the EDI Engine directory that you will need to be familiar with. 
When we send you a document update, i.e., a revised filemap, label, or map, you will need to locate the old document that is already in the filemaps, labels or maps directory and save a copy to the backup location of your choice. 
Then you will copy and replace the updated document into the appropriate folder.